May 3, 2008

Hmmmm, It looks tasty!
I'll talk about the most delicious meal I ever ate, DOLMA that's how we call it.. I can smell it as am writing this paragraph , can you?!

DOLMA, this Turkish origin meal has its own rituals in eating, you can't just open the pot and hold the spoon like any other meal.. No no no, they are all taboo

Here are simple Procedures:

  1. Don't try to eat it directly from the pot.

  2. Wait until your mom or any other (professional) person flips it up side down.

  3. Throw the spoons, dishes and use ONLY your naked hands.

  4. Now you can begin!


Anonymous said...

OoOoOoOoH I Love DoLmA...!

grats for the new blog..

keep posting food, lol.

Najma said...

Ohhhhh now I am really really sorry I didn't taste it..
Welcome my friend, welcome to the blogsphere. Such a surprise you've been reading my blog! Good thing I've talked well about you ;)

Such a beautiful title.. Great choice! :D

Expect a visitor tomorrow morning.. a very excited visitor!

You can post on this blog as an individual member.. it'll be a group blog and it would be easier than if the two of you posted using the same username and password!
Oh, and you too, welcome :)

Your sis in humanity

A.K. said...

DOLMA.. one of my favorites, after spaghetti off course.. thanx Surreal.. by the way your mom makes the second best dolma ever (my mom makes the first)...

Najma.. thanx 4 the advice.. we haven't thinked well of that.. so from now me is A.K and Sureall is surreal..