May 20, 2008

NOKIA, CONNECTING PEOPLE.. What should Sony Ericsson do?!
Sorry Nokia, but I'm SonyEricssony!

This is the new LOGO for NOKIA company!
Click 2 WATCH

May 18, 2008

Sometimes I stand silent, lookout the people -my people-, IRAQIS, with a big exclamation marks flying all over my mind.. and a question needs an answer, How can they hold all that pain and make JOCKS at the same time? or as they named TAHSHESH..

May 12, 2008

I wanna share this MP3 song -by a little girl- with you as I found it funny and lovely, wish you like it..
Click HERE to download

May 11, 2008

From my Archive..

صوت القنابل

صوت القنابل بات يطربني
على أنغامها أنامُ
و أصحُ
تلك الإيقاعات المدوية
ما أجملها
في المنامِ أسمعها
و في الحمامِ تلاحقني
و مفرقعات
على إيقاعها أرقص
و معها أغني
فأنا عراقيٌ
ألا تعرفني ؟؟؟

May 8, 2008

SomeThinG tO SaY..

in Italian (Buon Compleanno), in French (Joyeux Anniversaire), in Spanish (Feliz Cumplea–os), in Portuguese (Feliz Aniversario), in German (Alles Gute zum Geburtstag) and in English (HaPpY BirThDaY SuRReaLL)..

May 7, 2008

ماذا يُمكنُنا أن نَفعَل
ْفي هذا الصُّندوقِِ المُقفَلْ؟
لا مَشربَ فيهِ ولا مأكَلْ
وَجهازُ التكييف مُعَطَّلْ
والزَّحمَةُ تجعَلُ آخِرَنا
!يَتَنفَّسُ مِن رِئةِ الأوَّلْ
غَيرُ مُباحٍ طَلَبُ النّجدَهْ
مَمنوعٌ أن نَشكو الشِّدّهْ
!غَيرُ مُتاحٍ أن نَتَملمَلْ
وَعَلَيْنا مِن كُلِّ مَكان
:ٍمِذياعٌ ثَمِلَُ يَتبوَّلْ
(مِصَعُدنا عُنوانُ الماضي
مَفخَرةُ الحاضِرِ مِصعَدُنا
مِصعَدُنا رَمْزُ المُستقبَلْ)
وَعلى لَحْنِ خَريرِ الجَدوَلْ
أَنْفُسُنا تَنزِلُ لِلأعلى
!والمِصْعَدُ يَصعَد ُلِلأَسفَلْ
قصيده لــــ
أحمـــــــــــــــد مطر

May 6, 2008

Today is the birthday of some one special to me, very special that some times I consider this day as a birthday of I. I'll ask you to excuse me for the short pargraph but my words all escape as they heard about this column! They are afraid of their shortage to describe her! I begged the KINDNESS word to be in my sentence, It stares on me and said, she has a kindheartedness that i can't describe. What about you SOFTNESS, can you help me? Answered, Sorry pal, But I can't express such a delicate girl, am so sorry..
SWEETNESS? respond with, Please go to HONEYED instead..
Finally I decided to tell her that I L Her and

May 5, 2008

Hi ,

First of all I wana Ask a question, Do you like KIDs under 3 years?
  • Yes! You are so dead!
  • No! You can join my group!
Thats not my core subject, not even close to it..!

My little nephew (2 years old) was at our home for a week, He is A CLEVER boy just like his uncle! I like him in only one of his three modes! the mode when he ACTs as a little sweet lovely boy who gives kisses for free and hug you when ever you ask him to do that.

The other mode represented by the bad guy who calls every thing a toy and HIS TOY. knifes, lighters and finally the PODRA which finally converts him to CASPER. I'm not sorry for him because he was laughing all the time!
The third mode is the best, PowerDown mode.. The silence that follows twisters!

Ops I missed my point!
As I had been in touch with diapers, Remebered a say from the movie "Man of the year" by Robin Williams wanna share it with you. it says:

Politicians like diapers, You must change them continually and for the same reasons!

May 3, 2008

Hmmmm, It looks tasty!
I'll talk about the most delicious meal I ever ate, DOLMA that's how we call it.. I can smell it as am writing this paragraph , can you?!

DOLMA, this Turkish origin meal has its own rituals in eating, you can't just open the pot and hold the spoon like any other meal.. No no no, they are all taboo

Here are simple Procedures:

  1. Don't try to eat it directly from the pot.

  2. Wait until your mom or any other (professional) person flips it up side down.

  3. Throw the spoons, dishes and use ONLY your naked hands.

  4. Now you can begin!
وأنا أبحث عن حياة أخرى
وأرض وسماء أخرى
وأنا أبحث عن أمراة أخرى
(كما طلبتي مني)
أجدك مرة أخرى
وأقع في حبك من جديد
وأذوب وأذوب
وأحلم أن يذوب معي الجليد
وأحلم أنك لي
وأنسى كل كلماتك الحزينه
أنسى كل وعودي لك ولنفسي
بأن انساك وأبدأ من جديد
أنسى نفسي وأبات لا اعرف ماذا أريد
أو ربما أعرف
وأنت ايضا تعرفين
أريدك أنتي بالتحديد
ولا أريد اي إمراة اخرى
ولا اريد أنت أخرى
ولا أريد أن احب مرة اخرى


Written by my friend A.K.