May 5, 2008

Hi ,

First of all I wana Ask a question, Do you like KIDs under 3 years?
  • Yes! You are so dead!
  • No! You can join my group!
Thats not my core subject, not even close to it..!

My little nephew (2 years old) was at our home for a week, He is A CLEVER boy just like his uncle! I like him in only one of his three modes! the mode when he ACTs as a little sweet lovely boy who gives kisses for free and hug you when ever you ask him to do that.

The other mode represented by the bad guy who calls every thing a toy and HIS TOY. knifes, lighters and finally the PODRA which finally converts him to CASPER. I'm not sorry for him because he was laughing all the time!
The third mode is the best, PowerDown mode.. The silence that follows twisters!

Ops I missed my point!
As I had been in touch with diapers, Remebered a say from the movie "Man of the year" by Robin Williams wanna share it with you. it says:

Politicians like diapers, You must change them continually and for the same reasons!


Ammar Kanno said...

hhhhhhh take easy man, don't talk about RANEEM, he is such sweat little thing, kids are so lovely when they are at mode 1 or even 3, and so out of control and fuuny at mode 2.. kisses and hugs for RANEEM..

Najma said...

I only like kids when I can control them completely.. If they're out of control I usually end up yelling at the top of my lungs and we end up with a hate-hate relationship and a sore throat!

I don't want to have anything to do with diapers, both kinds!

Your nephew looks SO cute by the way :)

Glory Rose! said...

haha little kids, they are the devil's incarnation in the form of angels!!!

Here wishing you both luck and a long life of blogging!